6 Free Agents The Golden State is supposed to pursue this offseason


The State Golden Warriors may be one of the worst teams in the NBA this season, but even Dubov’s biggest critic knows it’s because of the injuries that were at the top and bottom of the list.

With the return of Stephen Curry and Clay Thompson next season, Golden State is expected to return to one of the top clubs in the Western Conference.

Apparently, free agents of approaching veterans have already taken this into account, as recently reported by Shams Charyan of The Athletic and Stadium, who indicated that players are already considering the oak tree as a possible landing site for this off-season.

Of course the Warriors are more about money, so they can only offer an exception for the average taxpayer and a minimum of veterans, but there is a chance they can bring one or two players on strike.

Let’s take a look at some free agents from the Golden State, who certainly need to see when a free agency really opens.

6. Justin Holiday

Justin Holiday enjoys one of the most successful seasons of his career. In 65 games against the Indiana Pacers, he scored 42.4 percent with a three-point margin.

It’s far from being a star, but the Warriors probably won’t get the star players they have to offer after all.

Justin Holiday, Pacers.

The celebration will enhance the depth of the Golden Wing and provide the club with an experienced veteran who can take different positions and walk with curry and companionship in the transition.

You can see his warts when he plays big minutes, but since he gets 15-20 minutes before a match from the bench, he’ll be a perfect addition to Doubt’s line-up.

5. Maurice Harkness

Warrior defense isn’t what it used to be and Maurice Harkness will help solve this problem.

Harkless is an incredible wingback that uses height, athletics and instinct to defend the opposing team’s best outfield defender. Although he does not pose a major threat to the attack, the defense must respect his three-point shot.

Mo Harkness, the Knicks.

Besides, Harkness won’t try to do too much. He is a sniper with a life expectancy of 47.8%, which is a clear sign that he knows his limits and only shoots when he knows what he can do.

Moreover, you can imagine that Harkless would do well to take a short break from the Gold State.

Think of him as poor Andrew Igudala.

4. Bryn Forbes

Bryn Forbes appeared a few years ago as a legal long-range weapon for the San Antonio Spurs, and in 2018-19 he actually shot at a depth of 42.6%.

His shooting percentage has dropped slightly this season, to 38.8% of his troika, but it’s still pretty good.

Bryn Forbes, Spores.

For curry, the Warriors don’t have much depth in their garden. The Dabs used to have guys like Sean Livingston, Leandro Barbosa and Quinn Cook to free Steph for a while, but now the closet is pretty bare.

Forbes would have solved this problem pretty quickly because it would have essentially modernized what Cook has been for the Golden State in recent years.

He’s not a very good defender, but his ability to fill them from a distance would be enormous for pine pigeons.

3. Jae-Crowder

Not many guys in the NBA are cooler than Jae-Crowder.

Crowder is able to play in any offensive position and earns his living by being like a man thrown down, using his strength, physical strength and sheer determination to roughly lift even the biggest wings in the league.

The heat, Jae-volk.

Although Crowder may no longer be the attacking force he was when he was in Boston Celtic, he remains a respectable threat because of his ability to get out and form a C.

But the most important selling points for Crowder are resilience and experience. Imagine Green and Crowder’s defensive field with a small ball. It wouldn’t be nice to deal with misconduct.

2. Aron Baines

With Aaron Baines’ year in Phoenix, he could probably get a bigger contract elsewhere. But at the age of 33, Baines might want to play for the title.

The tall Australian had already flashed into the Celtics 2018 qualifiers when he suddenly became a reliable three-point threat. Today he shoots 35.1% of a decent volume (four attempts per race) and his career average is 11.5 points per race.

Aron Baines, Sens, NBA.

The warriors on the front are also in urgent need of help, and Baines will take care of that. Not only is he a great body, but he is also a real great defender with the ability to protect the ring and effectively guard the button roll.

What’s more, Baynes is an elite screener that will only help Curry and Thompson to go to an even more open level.

1. Trevor Ariza

The Golden State fought Ariza for years as a playoff rival when they were in Houston. The Dabs now have the opportunity to sign him as a freelancer.

Technically Ariza has a contract with the Portland Trail Blazers for 2020-21, but only $1.8 million is guaranteed. If the Blazers release them, they could save $11 million. Given the situation of wage limits, it seems that they will do so.

So let’s assume Ariza becomes available.

Trevor Ariza, the Blazers.

You’d think Ariza would follow him at this stage of his career, and the Warriors are an ideal landing spot for him, especially after leaving Igudala.

Ariza can play on any striker and is recognized as a reliable 3 and D player. Like Crowder, he was able to fill the first line of the small ball with green and damage the defence.

Kobe Bryant, Kobe Bryant finals, Lakers.