6 Hidden Horror Netflix Gems for Stream Now!

Promoting new versions is not always the strong point of Netflix. For example, take the most recent Get. Without any fanfare, a touching giant quietly released a brutal thriller at the beginning of May. Although Netflix has quickly fallen in the shadow of streaming services such as Shudder, Tubi and Prime Video in terms of subtitle format, it remains the domain of horror fans. Especially on an international level. Netflix’s algorithm and layout are designed to help you find names that might interest you, even if they are not well advertised, but this may go too far. This may mean that it is easy to overlook some headlines, especially gender researchers and exceptions that are not so easy to identify. These six titles are out of sight for various reasons, but they are all excellent for people who are looking for something beyond the general appeal.


As soon as Stephen King twittered about this Netflix jewel two summers ago, he wasn’t so mysterious anymore. However, the fact that it is classified outside horror means that it is not so easy to find for those who study the genre, and this is very important for a horror fan. Calibre is a Scottish thriller in which a terrible accident turns a hunting weekend into paranoia for Mark and Vaughn’s old friends. Calibre is an exciting and well worked out story about excitement. The urgency of this terrible story should not be underestimated. The perceptible tension and brutal moments bring it to the limit of the genre and make it a very enriching watch.

A very dark time

Teenagers Zack (Owen Campbell) and Josh (Charlie Tahan) have been best friends for most of their lives and grew up together in the suburbs. The friendship between Zack and Josh will never be the same as in the 1990s, the period before the Columbine High School massacre, when the tragedy unfolded. The once inseparable couple treats an event in a totally different way and sends them both into a dark and disturbing chain of events that will change them forever. The story of the arrival of an adult undergoes a disturbing psychological facelift of a horror thriller. Super Dark Times justifies its name by the powerful achievements of its leaders. Although more in keeping with the spirit of Ominous Creek, you have to use Donnie Darko’s influence to get into it.

Bar Association

Alexa de la Iglesias Bar is a strange mix of sounds and genres that only this director could create. What begins as a noisy morning in a bar/cafe downtown, which introduces us to all the eccentric characters, turns into a tormented thriller when a mysterious sniper from outside holds them captive. These foreign friends then turn against each other when paranoia develops and it becomes clear that they are in quarantine. The hallmark of the black comedy De la Iglesia turns black when she dissects mankind in the face of death and plunges into physical horror for a change. It’s not for everyone, the characters show their ugliest impulses, which makes for dark things. It’s a mean, stupid, crazy horror comedy. To find out more about Iglesia’s films and where they’re screened, I told you about this.

A girl with balls

A girl volleyball team hunts down forest farmers while their van in the middle of nowhere breaks down. However, the hunters soon discover that they may have bitten off more than they can chew with this resourceful group. Katie’s a high school student against a village cult; it’s a bloody gender-specific struggle. Girls with balloons are so innocently stupid, it would be indecent for some. At least he doesn’t take himself seriously. For those who love their pain with a lot of disrespect, it’s fun. The film marks the directorial debut of Olivier Alfonso, a renowned special effects artist who has already worked on the films Dry, Leather Face, Among the Living and many others. So you know he’s using his gut feeling here.

Inhumane kiss

Also known as Krasue: An Inhuman Kiss, this film was released at the 92nd Street Walking Festival. Oscar ceremony for the Thai film presented in the category Best International Film. This supernatural story, set in the Thai countryside in the 1940s, tells the love story of three childhood friends. Friends Noah and Jerd argue about the love of Sai, who has her own problems when puberty turns her into a beauty. Every night, the demon seizes power by taking his head out of his body and using his hung intestines to catch and feed both cattle and humans. The boys have joined forces to protect Sai from the frightened villagers who want to stop the beauty at all costs. The inhuman kiss is really a bit late and has a moderate rhythm, but it’s going to be a crazy climax. After all, the inhuman kiss is a supernatural beginning of old age, in which an extremely bloody teenage love story collides.

When the angels sleep.

This Spanish thriller plays as a distant spiritual relative of Lake Eden. When Angels Sleep does not tackle the graphic torment and cruelty of Lake Eden, there is a ruthless darkness that is always worse than the night that comes for his heroes. In the story, the CEO, on a business trip, desperately tries to get home to his angry wife after he missed his daughter’s birthday party, causing him to fall asleep behind the wheel late at night. He accidentally walked over a young girl and the contact he had with his frightened girlfriend put her on the path to ruin. Actions have consequences, and every wrong decision adds a knock-on effect. The fact that the presenters continue to make the worst decisions at each stage will disappoint some, but that is also the case. Expect this psychological thriller to be terribly dark.best horror movies on netflix 2019,best horror movies on netflix 2018,netflix original horror movies,netflix horror series,ghost movies on netflix,best horror movies on amazon prime,netflix horror movies 2018,best horror movies on netflix india