7 Comic characters that could be taken over by Kate Kane

Only a few weeks have passed since the end of Batwoman’s season, but it is safe to say that the success of the CW series has undergone some serious changes. Just a few days after the end of the first season (due to the COVID 19 pandemic) it was announced that the star of the series, Ruby Rose, would withdraw from the title role of Kate Kane/Batman. Rose admitted that her decision to leave the program was not easy, nor was the importance of her time as Kate for television and the [LGBTQ+] community. A few days after the first announcement of the release, fans began to wonder who would succeed Rose as Kate Kane, just for a rather unexpected twist that was about to be launched into the game. The casting call suggested that a brand new character would take over the role of Kate Kane, which was confirmed a few days later by the host of the series, Caroline Dries.

Honestly, I’ve been thinking selfishly about the soap opera version for a minute. Because we have already written several episodes, and in terms of transition, it would be a smooth transition, [because] we have already started pausing Season 2, said Dris this weekend. But after careful consideration, Greg [Berlanty] helped me make that decision, and he’s much smarter than I am in that area. That’s him: You know, I think we should just re-launch the character by re-launching Batman as another character. Also to respect everything Ruby put in the Kate Kane character.

This new character, represented in the casting as Ryan Wilder, is described as a sweet, dirty, somewhat stupid and uneducated young lesbian who spent years as a drug dealer escaping the GCPD. The description emphasizes that she doesn’t look like Kate Kane and not at all like your stereotypical American heroine.

This news led to a broad reaction among Batwoman fans, many wondering how the whole nature of the series would change with a brand new character in the center. One also wonders whether Ryan Wilder (who at first glance might appear to be the portrait of a name and star of a certain mid-2000s comedy) is in fact a false name used to hide a comically inaccurate character. Of course, this won’t be the first time Shooter does this (look no further than Shooter Tina Boland), and it could theoretically allow another female DC Comic character to take over Batwoman’s coat.

Although replacing Kate with another installed DC character opens a separate Pandora’s box, there are a few options that can make this whole scenario work. Read on for our theories on the identity of the new bat.

A set of harpists

(Photo: DC-Comics)

A young woman from one of Gotham’s worst neighborhoods, Harper Rowe and her brother Cullen, emancipated herself and worked on the city’s electricity grid to make ends meet. After Batman saved Cullen, who had been attacked because of his sexuality, Harper wanted to imitate the crime-fighter, his grief. Batman finally let Harper into his inner circle, but instead of changing into the new Robin, she put on the bluebird jacket.

Fans have already wondered about the role of Bluebird in the movie Arrow, and many suspected that Parker Torres, a young girl, Kate’s mentor in the first season, would take the role. Whether this happens or not, it doesn’t seem impossible for Harper to explain his presence in Gotham – and his street history and non-traditional methods are certainly consistent with what Ryan Wilder describes. Harper is also canonical bisexual (and flirts with Batwoman in the comics), which can easily coincide with the fact that she is a lesbian.

Carrie Kelly

(Photo: DC-Comics)

Even with a small number of performances of non-cannonical comedy behind her shoulders, Carrie Kelly has become a rather unique admirer among Batman fans. Carrie, who made her debut in 1986 in Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, was a 13-year-old schoolgirl rescued by Batman from a group of thieves. Carrie spent the lunch money on Robin’s costume and was eventually recruited for the Batman Crusade. In Dark Knight III: The master race, Carrie, finally disguised itself as Earth 31 Bats.

In a way the description of Ryan Wilder seems to be incredibly far removed from his characterization in comics, especially because there are many things that have not yet been researched. Considering how long fans have waited for her in a live performance, and her history with the Batwoman jacket, Carrie would certainly have been one of Kate’s best protégés.

Stephanie Brown

(Photo: DC-Comics)

Whether she’s Robin, Batgirl or Spoiler, Stephanie Brown has had a great influence on the Batfemake family, but her live debut is yet to come. Stephanie decides to switch to Spoiler to outwit her father, Klumaster, and attracts the attention of Batman and Tim Drake. When Tim hung up his coat and hood, she took Robin’s dress and apparently died after being tortured by the Black Mask. Later it turned out that Stephanie had faked her own death when she came back as a spoiler, and finally dressed up as Batgirl (although this has caused some discussion over the years).

Although Stephanie’s idea of dressing up as Batman – with Kate’s red wig – seems a bit unusual, it wouldn’t be surprising to see what happened to her in the DC world. Moreover, the charm of his lively debut would fascinate fans who are not happy.

Claire Klee

Claire Clover(Photo: DC-Comics)

Claire Clover/Gotham, who was recently admitted to the Washington Canon, made her debut at the start of the Washington Revival with her brother Hank Clover/Gotham. The siblings were a couple of shapeshifters who exchanged years of their lives for superpowers, then were manipulated by the psychopath and finally stopped Hank’s death. After coping with this loss, Claire decided to continue dressing like a Gotham girl, worked with Batfemane several times and finally regained her strength.

If Claire’s lineage really needs to be changed, the idea of her Batman costume seems almost strange enough to work. The show could play with Claire and Hank in a much deeper context and at the same time discover much more about them.

Holly Robinson

(Photo: DC Comics)

As soon as the description of Ryan Wilder’s casting appeared on the internet, fans started arguing that the character looked like a strange mix of pussy and poison ivy. The comically precise character who corresponds to this theoretical law, but at the same time carries with him a complicated story – is Holly Robinson. Originally created as a sex worker for Selina Kyle, Holly continues to train for feral cat fights and even takes on the coat of a cat after the birth of her daughter Selina.

Although Ryan’s description may not quite cover Holly’s identity, there are certain similarities between them. Holly is also the first character on this list to be canonically identified as a lesbian, so her Batman costume seems a little appropriate.

Helenna Grayson

(Photo: DC Comics)

Just over a year ago, the current management of Batman Beyond introduced Helenna Grayson, a young woman who is the daughter of Dick Grayson/Robin. Then the plot of the future took a different turn when Helen became the moonlight as the new Beyond Bat.

Yeah, Henna Batman’s logistics are a little messy these days, especially if Bruce from Earth-Prime isn’t that old, which would make the hypothetical Dick Grayson too young to have an adult child. But his family tree could be changed so that he still works within the framework of the Batwoman – and at the same time uses the legacy of the Batwoman mantle in a different way.

Kate Kane from another country

Of course, it looks like the next Batwoman isn’t even named Kate Kane… …but that may not be entirely true. The arrow is no stranger to the weaving of doubles from other countries, and to finally have them picked up by their prime minister’s compatriot with the laurel wreath the arrow is perhaps the best example.

Although the description of the actors certainly seems to want to be different from that of Kate Kane, it is possible that they just want to be different from their original earthly characteristics. The multi-version produced twins that had never been different before (Hell, Infinite Earth Crisis presented three different versions of Clark Kent/Superman in just a few hours). Of course, it doesn’t seem impossible that somewhere in the cartoon there is an alternative version of Kate, who is sweet, dirty, a little stupid and untouched, who didn’t grow up in the shadow of her father and crows, but who still has the desire to fight for every version of Gotham City she’s in. Even if it had been a small narrative leap, it would have allowed Batman to evolve – with respect for Kate Kane Rosa – without completely eliminating the protagonist.


Batwoman is currently returning with new episodes in January 2021.