Coronavirus outbreak: Punjab to quarantine all entering state

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Published : 1. April 2020 6:29:01

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We can’t just trust anyone who comes into the state The borders are sealed and anyone who is cleared is quarantined. We will follow these instructions strictly. This is for the good of the nation, Mr. Sidhu said.

From now on, anyone coming from another state will be quarantined or locked up in a government agency for 14 days, depending on his or her condition. The state took a decision on Tuesday in view of the increasing number of COVID-19 cases in other states.

Punjab Health Minister Balbir Singh Sidhu said: All symptomatic persons are placed in an isolation ward, while asymptomatic persons are quarantined at home. This is to make sure we don’t get any new infections in the next few days.

It is best to be cautious and enforce these measures. You can’t trust anyone who gets into the state. The borders are sealed and anyone with permission will be quarantined. We will follow these instructions strictly. This is for the good of the nation, Mr. Sidhu said. The curfew was set until the 14th day. The month of April has been extended.

Then the following quarantine regulations are issued for people coming from other countries.

A curfew has been in effect in Punjab since last Monday, with 41 positive COWID 19 cases and four recorded deaths to date. While the source of the infection and the travel history of most patients were followed, three patients had no travel history. Two of these patients died of the disease. No new patients were tested in the state on Tuesday.

Previously, Punjab was the first state to introduce a curfew to test for the spread of the coronavirus after thousands of NIPs entered the state between January and the end of January. In accordance with the new instructions, the district judges have been formally instructed to enforce the curfew after the 31st day of the week. March 2020 to 14 March 2020. April.

While the benefits already granted will continue to apply, post offices and courier services will also be allowed to operate under the new guidelines. Banks and ATMs can work all week, instead of two days a week as before, provided that social distance protocols are respected.

The Sweet Jamaat tablecloth event: The state is taking action.

After the Centre Punjab had warned of the presence of nine people in the Tablig e Jamaat community in Nizamuddin, New Delhi, the Punjab government ordered the district administrations to identify and isolate them all. While four of them are from Ludhiana, one from Sangroor, one from Barnala, one from Gurdaspur and one from Patankot. There was another one whose name was not given by the centre and where only his mobile phone number was mentioned.

said the Chief Special Secretary of KBS Sidhu of Punjab: According to the phone conversation with them, they’re still in Delhi. To verify the authenticity of their request, the teams go to their address and check . We told Washington

The teams from the Ministry of Health were all able to contact Ludhiana by phone, and they are all in Delhi, a government official said. Police commissioner Ludhiana Rakesh Agraval said that the four people from Ludhiana who attended the meeting in the Nizamuddin mosque were prosecuted. You’re in the quarantine department of the Delhi administration.

said Health Minister Sidhu: Even before the center provided us with a list of nine people, we talked to these people about their religious leader. None of them are symptomatic.

Mufti Irtakaul Hassan, a religious leader of the community, said he had spoken to everyone: Four of them told me they were in Delhi. The rest is completely asymptomatic. They are all crazy and inconsolable and pray for a quick end to this deadly viral crisis, Hassan said.

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