Existing supply for only one week in 44% of households: IIMA survey

Written by: Rita Sharma
| Ahmedabad |

Published : 14. April 2020 2:50:04

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Due to a sudden drop in income, most households were unable to buy vegetables, milk, washing powder, sanitary towels and other necessities, says the research report. (file)

According to a survey conducted by a group of volunteers, including students and staff from the Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad (IIMA), existing food reserves in 44 percent of the approximately 500 households surveyed in Ahmedabad are sufficient for just one week, while approximately 40 percent of households said they urgently need food or medicine for their neighbours.

According to one person in the 29th and 9th of March. The aim of the survey carried out on 25 April was to identify the difficulties encountered by these households. Faced with the period of national isolation that began on 1 March, 74% of households no longer had a regular income.

Volunteers conducted telephone interviews with members of these households to identify their immediate needs and to obtain information about symptoms, precautions, government programs and helplines.

While 11 percent of families have been able to return to their place of residence or village (mainly in Rajasthan), there are families in transit or living in Ahmedabad outside their usual place of residence, as well as employees separated from their families.

Due to a sudden drop in income, most households were unable to buy vegetables, milk, detergent, sanitary towels and other basic necessities, according to the research report.

Including answers: I don’t have a job, and I took all that money from the bank to feed a family of six… … …although the food parcels are provided by the government and NGOs, they come in limited quantities… My family has enough food for more than a week, so please help others who need it more… My family depends on family for food and shelter. I’ve only got 500-800 rupees left…

More collective kitchens should be open to migrant workers who would otherwise be mainly dependent on street vendors. They don’t have a kitchen, they don’t have a bedroom. More than 4,500 of these employees have been identified in some of the 4 chapters in Ahmedabad (48 chapters in Ahmedabad), said Professor Ankur Sarin, a professor at the IIMA faculty who participated in the research.

Many households reported that they would not be able to pay the next monthly rent, the telephone and electricity bills or the next tuition fee. The at-risk groups are mainly drivers, tailors, day laborers, plumbers, rickshaw drivers, snack bar owners and employees, vegetable sellers and cleaners. Only 16 percent received external assistance, including from NGOs.

The study found that many of those who had food ration cards could not benefit from government programs because they did not have a Sikka or NFSA seal. Offices where you can have your stamps closed.

You can’t get the good stuff in the supermarket… I tried to ask the owner of the grocery store, but he turned us down, said one of the families.

Professor Sarin added that these workers should be housed in temporary accommodation. A network of self-help groups, such as the Kudumbashree model in Kerala, should be used to manage and operate these collective kitchens. Migrant workers should be able to prove their identity by any means available to gain access to government programmes, he added.

The survey also suggests clear communication of guidelines for the identification of beneficiaries, benefits, registration and application and delivery processes.

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