From Mom’s Kitchen to Your Doorstep: Instafood Revolutionizes Ready-to-Cook Meals

Home Business From Mom’s Kitchen to Your Doorstep: Instafood Revolutionizes Ready-to-Cook Meals
From Mom’s Kitchen to Your Doorstep: Instafood Revolutionizes Ready-to-Cook Meals

Surat (Gujarat) [India], March 1:  The adage “necessity is the mother of invention” is used frequently, and various innovations have proven this to be true. A prime example of the same is “Instafood,” a Easy to cook brand that currently offers over 25 types of real Gujarati cuisine and expects to grow further in the coming years. The journey of Instafood, which was founded in the year 2021, is quite intriguing.

A young, eager student decided to move abroad for further education in the year 2018. He encountered a recurring issue after arriving and establishing there: the lack of wholesome, home-like Indian food. His mother, Darshana Ben, took matters into her own hands and produced meals that could be kept for a long period while retaining their flavor and nutritional value to assist him in solving the problem.

Darshana couldn’t help but wonder about the number of students struggling with the availability of healthy food. Upon conducting further research and collecting data, she discovered that techniques and methods prevailing in the past could be established as a solution to this problem. Following this, she decided to discuss this with her family and friends. Darshana ben, along with Madhu Ben & Tejal Ben decided to venture into the business of producing ready-to-eat food and make a brand that doesn’t compromise on the health aspect of cooking.

From Mom's Kitchen to Your Doorstep: Instafood Revolutionizes Ready-to-Cook Meals - PNN Digital

This led to the birth of Instafood, a Easy to cook brand that commits to providing only the highest quality of food to everyone away from home. They achieve this by employing the Natural Drying Method of preserving food, as opposed to the freeze-drying method which has several adverse effects on an individual’s health and is very harmful in the long run. The natural drying method ensures that the food retains its nutritional value and taste without being laden with preservatives and artificial colors. To ensure that no one is constrained by geographic boundaries in their quest for nourishing and healthful cuisine, Instafood offers 100% vegetarian and Jain options. They provide a menu of genuine Gujarati food that is sure to bring back fond memories of your native place.

Since takeout has ingrained itself into our daily lives, Instafood was created to encourage home cooking.  Despite the  fact  that  takeaways  are  considered convenient, they frequently come at the expense of one’s health, which is why Instafood works to encourage healthy behaviors and a healthy lifestyle.

Darshana, Madhu, and Tejal Ben are working continuously to establish the company today. While Darshana Ben concentrates on the recipes, Madhu & Tejal are in charge of its growth. Due to their immense dedication to the mission to provide healthy food to everyone around the globe, the trio also attained extensive support from Sheta Exports & their family members who acted as their pillars. Together, they help Instafood daily achieve new heights.

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