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Elevating Excellence, Top 10 businesses steering the course of the industry

New Delhi (India), April 2: In an era of constant disruption and accelerating change, these ten companies are rising to the forefront. Elevating Excellence: Top 10 Businesses Steering the Course of Industry delves into the world of these pioneering organisations, recognising their achievements and highlighting the company’s impact in its respective fields.

1. Indian Beauty The Best: Dr. Subhash Rani, the founder of Indian Beauty The Best, traces her journey back to her childhood when she began questioning the secondary position of women in society. Witnessing the countless challenges faced by women from birth to death, she identified decision-making as a core issue.

Driven by a passion for empowering women, she undertook a mission to raise awareness about women’s rights. Through her YouTube channel, “IndianBeautyTheBest,” she shares her views and lifestyle, utilising social media platforms as a cost-effective means to connect with a worldwide audience. “Ek Tukda Zameen,” or a piece of land, symbolises the fundamental need for women to have a place they can call their own.

In Indian culture, women often lack autonomy in crucial matters such as choosing a life partner, financial independence, and property rights. Dr. Subhash Rani aims to inspire and motivate the underprivileged, advocating for women’s empowerment and realising their rights, particularly the aspiration for land ownership.

2. ProServe Network: From navigating multiple MNCs to charting the course for innovation, meet Shubham Sharma, the visionary founder who is carving his own path. ProServe Network, a pioneering consulting service direct selling company, is personalized running the industry by offering personalized and professional consultations directly to clients. Founded in August 2023 by Mr. Shubham Sharma, ProServe Network empowers individuals to achieve their full potential through home-based consultations that encompass both personal and business needs.

Offering a unique home-based consultation model, ProServe Networks extends a comprehensive suite of services ranging from legal, health, career, property, environmental, travel, event, financial, management, and marketing to human resources consulting. This diverse offering is designed to address the multifaceted challenges faced by today’s individuals and businesses.

Proud of its ISO certification, ProServe Network boasts a remarkable 100% problem-solving rate and exemplifies the quality and efficacy of its services. The company leverages a ‘Refer n Earn’ model, encouraging the growth of its network, which now exceeds 2500 members and 25,000+ referral participants. 


3. Sarthak Singh Sikarwar: Sarthak Singh Sikarwar, a prominent figure in Indian social media circles, has captured the essence of leadership and fitness through his inspiring journey. Hailing from the Rajputana community, Sarthak’s upbringing instilled in him values of discipline and dedication. This multifaceted personality is known for his contributions to fitness, social media, and acting.

With a genuine dedication to fitness and martial arts, Sarthak emerged as the national-level martial arts champion in 2013. Beyond his athletic prowess, he is recognised as the foremost fitness YouTuber in Agra, guiding countless individuals on their fitness journeys.

Sarthak’s commitment to education, completing his 12th grade with a focus on Biology while preparing for NEET and B. Pharma, reflects his holistic approach to personal development. Through his love for acting, video creation, and devotion to Kabir Panth, Sarthak embodies the spirit of service, inspiring others to embrace their passions while contributing positively to society.

4. Media Skills – New York Academy: Media Skills -New York Academy, a premier media education institute with branches in Mumbai, Boston, and New York, has announced an updated curriculum designed for the evolving media industry.

Established in 2007, the Academy emphasises practical training with courses in acting, photography, DJing, event management, makeup, video editing, and digital and social media.  The recent launch of its Andheri West location in 2023 further strengthens its commitment to providing cutting-edge education.

With international certifications recognised in 193 countries and dedicated placement support, the academy prepares students to excel in the media industry. Notable personalities like DJ Notorious, cricketer Harbhajan Singh, PR Dale Bhagwagar, and scriptwriter Aamil Keeyan Khan have graced the academy as guest lecturers, enriching the learning experience for students.

A unique aspect of the Academy’s program is integrating instruction in emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science alongside business coaching to foster an entrepreneurial mindset in students. This comprehensive approach empowers graduates to excel in traditional media roles and venture into independent media careers.

Instagram: @mediaskillsnewyorkacademy 

5. MeraCars: In a significant move set to transform the landscape of India’s automobile auction market, TeamTech Media Pvt Ltd announces the launch of MeraCars. Scheduled for a May release under the leadership of esteemed entrepreneur Sanu KP, this innovative online platform is designed to revolutionise the way auto auctions are conducted across the nation.

This launch marks a pivotal expansion for the company, transitioning from its status as a leading force in Kerala to becoming a major national player. The backbone of MeraCars is its advanced AI database, meticulously crafted by a distinguished software team led by Gokul. The platform boasts a unique assembly of talent, including key former members from industry giants Mahindra and Cars24.

Akhil, taking charge of operations in Kerala, and VIPIN, along with Sarth from Mahindra AutoKart, brings unparalleled expertise to the venture. MeraCars is a testament to TeamTech Media’s dedication to blending state-of-the-art technology with the automotive sales industry, setting new benchmarks and enriching customer experiences. 

Email: – Office@teamtechmedia.com

6. Rayvti Staffing: Established in 2023 by Abhishek Sharma, Rayvti Groups has quickly become leading player in the world of recruitment. Abhishek’s path from Junior Recruiter to founder of Rayvti Staffing exemplifies his dedication to connecting talented individuals with the perfect career opportunities.

Abhishek’s background in engineering workforce recruitment for clients in the USA provided the groundwork for his company’s expansion into the UK and other European markets.

Rayvti Staffing, Abhishek’s dream and passion, embodies his entrepreneurial spirit and his firm belief in the power of recruitment to fuel professional development. The company focuses on IT and Engineering fields across five countries and takes pride in its client-centric approach and thorough end-to-end recruitment services.

Rayvti Staffing makes sure every candidate finds the placement they deserve for a reasonable fee. Furthermore, the team is unified by a common goal of excellence and a deep understanding of the importance of timeliness and client needs.

7. Limray.com: Limray.com, a rapidly growing ad network platform launched in 2023, enables businesses to transform into publishers and monetise their online presence seamlessly. With over 2,000 publishers already on board, generating 500,000+ daily impressions, Limray offers a simple and effective solution for businesses to tap into a vast audience network.

Limray enables anybody to become a publisher by displaying targeted advertising from prominent companies on their websites, blogs, or other platforms. This generates a new money source while maintaining user experience.

In January 2024 alone, Limray added over 100 new advertisers, highlighting its growing appeal and effectiveness. This rapid expansion paves the way for businesses of all sizes to leverage the platform’s reach and unlock new revenue opportunities.

8. Verismart’s AdTech Platform: A leader in digital innovation, Verismart’s AdTech introduces its unique data framework, which is set to transform how enterprises share data in the digital domain. Recognising the significance of data privacy and security, AdTech’s framework distinguishes between first-party and third-party applications, focusing on customer data protection. 

The company’s innovative approach eliminates the need to transfer raw customer data, reducing the risk of unauthorised access and spamming. With over 520 million users in India, Verismart’s AdTech platform stands out because of its ethical data practices, competing with industry giants while championing privacy rights. By integrating over 18 data protocols and adhering to stringent regulations like GDPR and the DPDP Act, this platform ensures compliance and data integrity.

At its core, Verismart’s AdTech platform empowers enterprises with hyper-personalization and cost efficiency, achieving over 68% reduction in customer acquisition costs. Through its latest advertising platform, Verismart enables precise consumer segmentation and targeted advertising while upholding the highest data privacy standards.

9. Publicfan.com: With a vision of redefining social media marketing (SMM) services, the newly established Publicfan.com is delighted to share its impressive Trustpilot rating  4.1 out of 5. This commendable achievement exemplifies the firm’s transparency and client satisfaction, as affirmed by the glowing endorsements from its clientele.

The positive feedback further highlights the platform’s focus on delivering top-tier, High-Quality SMM Panel Services, demonstrating its efficacy and reliability in enhancing the online presence of businesses and influencers. Manish, the brainchild behind Publicfan.com, extends heartfelt thanks for the support shown by customers and underscores his dedication to continuous improvement. “Achieving such a notable Trustpilot rating reinforces our dedication to quality and customer success. We are thrilled with this milestone and continue to aim for the highest service standards,” he stated.

With a suite of offerings, including instant delivery, competitive pricing, and round-the-clock customer support, the platform is poised to become a go-to solution for those looking to leverage their social media reach effectively.

10. The Cosmic Connect: The Cosmic Connect platform provides holistic healing and personal growth, empowering individuals to walk on a meaningful journey of self-discovery. Founded in 2020 by Usha Bhatt, a veteran healer and tarot reader (Winner of Most Trusted Tarot Reader & Psychic Healer in Delhi – 2023, Best Healing & Spiritual Coach – 2023), The Cosmic Connect offers a unique blend of ancient healing practices and modern wellness philosophies. The Cosmic Connect is a master of practices like Reiki, crystal therapy, and tarot reading. This holistic approach ensures personalised sessions are created for each client’s needs.

The Cosmic Connect is ahead of traditional practices; it is an expert in Ancestral Healing, Dosh & Dasha remedies, and past karmic healings. The platform guides individuals on paths to deeper spiritual understanding and self-empowerment. The team fosters a strong community built on trust and the power of healing. Clients’ successful transformative stories mark The Cosmic Connect as the leading hub for ancient wisdom for the modern world.

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