Manish Malhotra showcased Dharohar Kashi Ki at Banaras, A Tapestry of Indian Culture and Craftsmen organised by Indian Minorities Foundation (IMF)

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Manish Malhotra showcased Dharohar Kashi Ki at Banaras, A Tapestry of Indian Culture and Craftsmen organised by Indian Minorities Foundation (IMF)

Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh) [India], April 18: Aimed primarily at promoting and preserving the rich traditional Banarasi handloom craft and enhance its global footprint further, Indian Minorities Foundation (IMF) organized a fashion show – ‘Banaras – A Tapestry of Indian Culture and Craftsmen’ as part of 2-day-long ‘Prayas: Dharohar Kashi Ki’ at the historic Namo Ghat along the Holy Ganga in the spiritual capital of India, Varanasi on Sunday.

Asia’s biggest designer, Manish Malhotra brings the essence of Banaras to life with the ‘Dharohar Kashi Ki’ fashion show, held on the serene banks of the Ganges at Namo Ghat in Kashi with his special collection called ‘BANARAS’. This unique setting added an emotional and holistic touch to the show, as it was the first fashion show to take place at this iconic location, supporting the Bunkar community and the skilled artisans of Varanasi. The fashion show was a celebration of traditional Indian craftsmanship intertwined with contemporary aesthetics.

Manish Malhotra’s exquisite creations highlighted the elegance and timelessness of hand-woven textiles, paying homage to the unparalleled workmanship of Indian heritage.

Bollywood heartthrob Ranveer Singh and Kriti Sanon graced the ramp, donning Banarasi traditional outfits designed-innovatively by the international fashion designer, Manish Malhotra. Kriti Sanon, ethereal in regal Indian red silk, epitomizes the finesse of India’s weaving tradition. Ranveer Singh, with his charisma, wears a Banarasi shikargah sherwani in a vintage purple hue, paired with a silk kurta and dhoti. A total of 40 models graced the runway during the fashion show, adorned in the distinctive Banarasi handloom collection meticulously curated by Manish Malhotra.

The ambiance of the show was further elevated as the models walked barefoot, their styling intricately weaving cultural identity through the adornment of mogras and bindis. The event was attended by diplomats and ambassadors from 20 countries, renowned fashion designers, Bollywood celebrities, heads of Bunkar Community Associations and Convener of Indian Minorities Foundation (IMF) and MP Rajya Sabha, Satnam Singh Sandhu along with other members of IMF. Manish Malhotra unveils the ‘Banaras’ collection dedicated to championing the opulent Banarasi handloom craft, accompanied by the noble pledge to promote banarasi globally.

The collection spotlighted the beauty of Banarasi silk sarees, each piece meticulously hand-woven by talented bunkers, a process that takes months to perfect compared to the rapidity of machine-made fabrics. Furthermore, the distinguished fashion maestro revealed his forthcoming endeavour: the unveiling of this bespoke collection exclusively curated to showcase Banarasi handloom collection at his Delhi Flagship Store.

During the event, as many as 40 bunkars including 2 Padma Shri awardees who have done exceptional work for the promotion and preservation of rich Varanasi craft were honoured by Indian Minorities Foundation (IMF). Manish Malhotra’s dedication to supporting the skilled bunker community of Varanasi reflects his commitment and aims to conserve the heritage of handloom and promote sustainable fashion to the world. His work aligns with campaigns like #VikasBhiVirasatBhi and #KashiSangam, which aim to develop and preserve India’s cultural legacy.

The Modi Mantra of Vocal for local and Local to Global have spurred the global demand for the rich Varanasi handloom products. Buoyed by the Make-in-India initiative of Modiji’s government, the global footprint of Indian fashion has increased in an unprecedented manner. From Paris, Milan, New York and Moscow, Indian designers are leaving an indelible mark globally today. In the past 10 years of Modi government, the Indian Fashion Industry scaled greater heights at global level.

The vibrancy of royal craft of Banarasi Saree have shone bright not just in India but on a global map today after Modiji’s government’s Prayas for promotion of the rich textile tradition of India. Today, when it comes to fashion, the world looks at India and we have been transformed into trendsetters in the past 10 years of Modiji’s government. It is the confluence of traditional Indian clothing with modern touch that has taken the Indian fashion industry to greater heights at global level, he added. Today, this fashion show that showcased the rich Indian textile tradition is indeed a praiseworthy effort of Indian Minorities Foundation (IMF).

In recent years, PM Modi’s Make-in-India campaign has revived the glory of rich traditional Indian handicraft and handloom in an unprecedented manner.

Manish Malhotra said that, “It was a true honor to showcase my Banaras collection at the ‘Dharohar Kashi Ki’ fashion show at Namo Ghat by the Ganges in Kashi. Varanasi has always been a serene destination for me. The event celebrated Kashi’s vibrant culture and the rich history of Banarasi fabrics. Being part of this emotional and holistic event, celebrating the bunkar committee and artisans, was an extraordinary experience. The timeless elegance of Banarasi weaves continues to inspire me.

Blending these intricate textiles with contemporary designs allows me to honour the craftsmen who dedicate their lives to preserving this beautiful art form. This holy city of light captivated us with its spiritual allure and instilled a sense of pride in our nation’s rich cultural heritage”. He also remarked that, “owing to the unparalleled initiatives taken under Modiji’s government, to promote the rich traditional Indian attire have given global recognition to the traditional craft of Bunkar community. Bunkar community of Varanasi has kept the rich Indian cultural heritage alive.”

IMF Convener and Rajya Sabha MP Satnam Singh Sandhu said, “The ‘Darohar Kashi Ki’ is a small attempt by Indian Minorities Foundation (IMF) to promote the vibrant cultural heritage of Kashi – the Spiritual Capital of India – and celebrate the rich legacy of Bunkar community of Varanasi on a global scale. Additionally, the initiative aims to propagate PM Modi’s vision of ‘Vikas Bhi, Virasat Bhi’ amongst the people, which will take Bharat ahead in the 21st century.

Over the past decade, Prime Minister Modi has put in all the possible efforts towards revitalizing Kashi’s cultural heritage while simultaneously fostering its development, which is evident in the visible transformation both in terms of infrastructure and societal progress.

PM Modi’s efforts have not only enhanced the religious and historical glory of Kashi but also educated the world about the traditional crafts and meticulous skills of its artisans.” Earlier today, an art and craft exhibition was also held as a part of “Prayas: Dharohar Kashi Ki” with an aim to provide weavers and artisans of Kashi a platform to showcase their handloom and handicrafts talent. In this over 50 exhibitors belonging to Kashi’s Bunker Community displayed an impressive range of their products including Banarasi silk sarees and garments, carpets and handicrafts.

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