KUWK: Khloe Kardashian Spends Time With Ex Tristan Thompson While In Quarantine And Admits It’s ‘Awkward’ For THIS Reason!

Despite being quarantined, it appears that Chloe Kardashian and her dear daughter Tristan Thompson have been able to see her father! This time a family of three came together to watch the new premiere. Follow Kardashian!

According to Chloe’s Twitter, the basketball player stopped by his ex’s house to watch the show and spend time with his daughter.

But the mother of one of them also admitted that her choice small party session may have made things uncomfortable between them.

She wrote: I think it’s great that Tristan is watching this premiere with me, and now he sees what we say when he’s not there Lol Aquavard! #KUWTK.

Lol he comes to see his daughter ♥️️ bless us all #KUWTK https://t.co/A01FybIbFN.

– Chloe (@khloekardashian) 27. March 2020.

But some fans must have realized that it was interesting to see how Tristan felt comfortable with Chloe in his forties.

One of these users commented: I know @khloekardashian doesn’t feel that way now. Tristan’s in his 40s, so I know it’s interesting.

It seems that they assumed that the drama between them, which was shown at the premiere, could have been over a long time ago and that they could have been reunited, since the former partners were apparently in quarantine together.

But Chloe was quick when she answered the author of the theory: The fun he visits to see his daughter. Bless us all.

Someone else admired the first grandparents, the writers: Chloe, my parents have been divorced most of my life. So it’s amazing how you and Tristan can be parents together. I admire her so much, and I’m sure the truth will be as good as it gets. Your strength and your love for your incredible daughter.

The KUWK star simply reminded her disciples that she was raised this way when she was little.

Later Chloe went back to her website to send a message to all the parents who are doing a great job there.


She admitted that while it is very difficult to have a healthy relationship with your parents, it is also very fun!


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