New G-SHOCK GA-2000 Series – More Strength, Style, and Customization.

This moment, we have a look of Casio G-Shock GA-2000 collection, the designs that develop into a sensation because it’s arrival (around April 2019) and also end up being following action of advancement of G-Shock sees when it concerns products and also style.

I wish to state I resemble regarding this brand-new collection.

Prior to we get involved in the enjoyable information regarding this brand-new GA-2000 collection, allow’s dive in a little right into the subject of brand-new products made use of by G-Shock prior to reviewing the framework and also functions of the watch.

New Product?

Although Casio asserts in their promo of this brand-new product advancement, that the initial product made use of for G-Shocks was material, complied with by steel that we have actually seen recently and also ultimately getting to carbon-fiber innovation. That is not completely real.


You see, If you have actually currently done your research study, the initial generation of G-Shocks was made with steel instances shrouded with material defense, after that in the mid-’90 s Casio switched over to utilizing material for the instances which is simply an elegant word for plastic.

And also although plastic made watches, a lot more, shock immune does not make them lighter and also soaked up component of the effect pressure, it constantly provided the impact like Casio G-Shock was reducing price and also provided a sensation of triviality contrasted to their historic steel instance designs.

Steel or screw back designs are still offered with G-Shock costs and also wedding anniversary designs, however the routine, budget-friendly G-Shock was still constructed from plastic.

That is ultimately altering with GA-2000 collection, and also I do really hope the remainder of the G Shock schedule will certainly adhere to.


G-Shock GA-2000 collection provides a brand-new city exterior design with a sleeker appearance.


Carbon Core Guard framework– New shock immune framework safeguards components with a carbon fiber enhanced material instance.


Dual-Layered instance back

The version still utilizes a steel plate for the case-back, however it’s concealed under the fiberglass base that additionally functions as locks.

The instance itself is constructed from carbon, and also he screwed onto the base, and also the external bezel is still constructed from rubbery material to take in influences and also lose.

I like the reality they maintained that idea as that is what makes G-Shocks such a brilliant style- one more shock resistance, although that is what offer them.

The reality you can change the external safety covering when it obtains scratched, making the watch appear like it’s all new is the genuine benefit behind the style.

Style Framework

So what did we obtain with the intro of this brand-new carbon core framework?

Firstly, we obtained product that seems far more superior than plastic.

With 48.7 mm covering measurements (512 x 48.7 x 14.1 mm), the GA-2000 collection is reasonably tiny contrasted to various other G-shock collection such as GA-700, GA-110, GA-100, and also others. So for those of you that have troubles with measurements, it will certainly seem much less daunting.

Second of all, the watch is used this will certainly be extremely light also this at just 64 grams for an analog 200 meter waterproof and also shock-resistant watch– is remarkably light.

Specifically considering it contends the very least 2 stepper electric motors inside. A component of that agility originates from the reality that this instance it does not need making use of steel tubes for switch shafts neither do the switches need any kind of extra defense as they did on numerous various other G shocks.

This not just makes the watch look even more structured however additionally makes switches extremely obtainable and also very easy to make use of.


Easy to make use of switch

The days of utilizing the idea of your finger nail to push the recessed readjust switch or attempting to loosen a crown secured so well it takes you an old college try to utilize it in all.

On all the brand-new carbon core designs, every little thing is revealed and also convenient, revealing simply exactly how certain Casio G-Shock has to do with the brand-new product.

However among the most effective features of these brand-new designs is that Casio made use of the chance to revamp the lugs and also bands.


Compatible Band

Lastly switching over to timeless is formed accessory and also the reality that they consisted of fast launch springtime bars, implies you can currently transform this watch to any kind of band you desire, which opens up an entire brand-new globe of personalization.

We saw that on the Pro-Trek designs for several years, and also individuals maintained asking why Casio does not use the very same idea to G-Shocks. Well, there you have it, your petitions have actually been addressed.

The use of timeless lugs additionally implies the band can express easily, making the watch fit smaller sized and also bigger wrists far better.

G-Shock GA-2000-series-12

The bands can lay totally level with the instance and also are quickly detachable.

Routine G-Shocks constantly had actually a repaired angle at which the band leaves the instance and also if your wrist really did not fit that angle it would certainly make the watch appearance strange, with this, that trouble no more exists.

Specifications and also Functions

Regardless of being an entry-level analog-digital, G-Shock GA-2000 collection features both a 24- hr stop-watch and also a 24- hr countdown timer. The timer is additionally settable to the 2nd something missing on numerous more recent G-Shock.

It additionally features 5 alarm systems and also a globe time feature with immediate time swap in between residence and also globe time for routine vacationers.


Disc dial A– Complicated disc dial at 9 o’clock suggests the present watch setting.

Various other functions consist of 200- meter water resistance, globe time, 5 alarm systems, per hour time signal, twin Super Illuminator LED lights, and also approximated 3-year battery life.

Would certainly I get one for myself based upon what I’ve seen?

By my going crazy regarding the brand-new G-Shock GA-2000 collection, you could assume I have actually discovered my rail, however you would certainly be incorrect, there are points I do not like regarding the watch.

The reality that the lighting still DRAWS is among them. And also the reality that the screws at the front instance are phony and also do not attach to the ones on the bottom despite the fact that it appears they do is one more.

G-Shock GA-2000-series-11

The Super Illuminator feature intended to brighten the dial and also LCD with high-intensity light,

I’m not a follower of adverse screen of G-Shock. Do not obtain me incorrect, I have both favorable and also adverse screen G-Shock in my storage locker and also clearly, the downsides are harder to review.

It simply relies on what captures your eye and also if you like the appearance. Some individuals might have even worse vision than others so they would certainly select a favorable screen. I assume a favorable screen is better for me.

The use of a plastic fastening is yet one more and also to be sincere, although the watch does seem and also really feel a costs contrasted to a normal material G-Shock. A screw back version from the past still looks far more costs.


However the factor I’m so thrilled regarding this watch is not the watch itself, however the idea behind it and also the instructions Casio is heading to with G-Shock.

There is a lot to such as regarding these modifications that the problems are quickly overlooked and also I can not wait to see what else within the carbon core schedule turns up in the future.

Casio G-Shock GA-2000 Collection: All Designs.

Presently, the GA-2000 collection offered with a number of various designs and also shades offered, the most up to date are black and also white bezel of GA-2000 S collection.

* This web page will certainly be upgraded as brand-new designs are launched.


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Update – 2019.0819

Complete Rating.

G-Shock GA-2000 Collection will certainly establish a brand-new requirement for stamina and also toughness. This Carbon Core Guard framework design flaunts a military-inspired off-white material instance that is enhanced with light-weight carbon fiber for included durability and also shock resistance.


  • Incredible style
  • Carbon core guard
  • Dimension is not to Big not to Little.
  • Featured various shades variants
  • Compatible Band
  • Practical Cost


  • Back-light can be a little more vibrant
  • Not a follower of adverse screen

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