The Walking Dead Recap With Spoilers: Look At The Flowers

twd_carol_negan_1014 (Photo: Jace Downs / AMC)

The episode begins in the past, when Carol entered Negan’s cell. He thinks he’ll be executed with a three-bone steak and a Rocky Road ice cream cone. She’s offering him another way out. He is curious what happens when he misses the chance to kill Alpha and doesn’t want Alexandria to suffer. Carol thinks it should be done to help everyone. She promises him it’s a chance to make him forget what he’s done. He must take Alpha’s head, and people will remember him for it. She gives him her word.

She now puts the resuscitated Alpha’s head on a skewer, a moment after Negan handed it to her. He can’t wait to talk about it, but she’s furious that he’s waited so long. He explains that he has to find a way to survive. She hasn’t come home yet and says he has to wait for her. You’re free now, Negan, she said. You do what you want. Wait, wait a minute.

Play the opening credits of Walking Dead.


The survivors of the battle gather at the top of the hill. Jerry’s happy for Magna’s survival. Rosita is susceptible to bruising from a struggle with Beta, supported by Eugene. She encourages him to move and find Stephanie. Encouraged by her, he stands in front of everyone and confesses on the radio that he has found a friend. He’s ready to meet her, and the idea has been put forward. On Magna and Yumiko street the trip is discussed, but Magna is finally ready for the routine. She’s really letting Yumiko take a trip.

Jerry spends time with his kids before he talks to Ezekiel. Jerry’s going on a trip.


Meanwhile, Beta finds Alpha’s head on the spit. Whisperer is now running Alpha after he suspected Negan of being the perpetrator. Beta insists that Whisper take off his mask. He demands that he listen to Alpha and asks her what she says. He leans his face against her and lets her bite him. He’ll take charge and hold him.

Elsewhere, Negan goes to the cabin where he jailed Lydia. She’s gone, and Darryl greets her with a crossbow in her face. Negan pulls it out of his pocket and shows him the alpha mask. He explains that he killed Alpha, so your friend let me out of her cell.

In the woods Carol hears a terrible murmur when she leaves alone. She sees an Alpha who tells her she’s still watching.


In a small town Beta walks with a man whose face has been bitten by Alpha. If he tries to kill a Walker, Beta opens it and eats it. He takes Alpha’s head in a bag and goes to the building like he’s been ordered to. Inside he finds a note saying that these two eyes see the same truth and a rifle. Since his music he saw a poster about him on the wall. He hits and breaks the guitar.

In the forest Carol continues to follow the Alpha. She blames Carol for being lost, just like her boy who died alone and scared, just like Sophia. Alpha says the only way to get his head back is for Carol to get hers. Alpha accuses Carol of feeling guilty and says she can be forgiven if she apologizes. Alpha wants Carol to say what she really wants, and Carol ends up killing the walker. She says I want to be alone, but Alpha insists. That’s not the point.


On the way Eugene, Yumiko and Ezekiel travel to West Virginia to meet Stephanie. They come across walkers trapped in cages. Together they kill. A few walkers in the street, but Ezekiel starts struggling with his cough.

Neghan and Daryl walk together in the woods. Negan won’t shut up and Daryl explains that he put Hilltop in danger.

At night Beta sees the cover of their album, just like in the movie Fear of the Walking Dead. He puts it in the player and listens to his music at full volume to attract a herd of nearby walkers.

Elsewhere Carol only enters the cabin. Alpha torments her again and again, has Carol take the roof down and keep her trapped. Meanwhile, Negan and Daryl go to the thorn where he left Alpha’s head. Suddenly they are surrounded by a few whisperers kneeling in front of the new Alpha. Negan doesn’t care about Daryl.


In a small town Beta observes a herd of vagabonds gathering. He slowly opens his face and puts a leather mask on the album cover.

Meanwhile, Negan tells Daryl he’s in no hurry. They have Daryl in custody. He’s taking the shotgun out of his new trailer. He’s joking about how. He feels like he has a shotgun in his hand and orders Daryl to kneel. Daryl told him to shoot him, but he shoots Shepchun, who originally had a gun. Together they form a trio, and Daryl says: Untie him. Я… Gross!

On their journey Ezekiel listens to his horse, which has fallen and is in trouble. The horse was injured during his journey. His inner zoo is revealed when he realizes that the horse is dying. He has no choice but to put the horse down. He asks Yumiko and Eugene to leave it in case it falls, putting them in danger. Yumiko tells him that they need the man who built the kingdom in the apocalypse.


Carol wakes up during the day with Alpha and puts on a pedestrian to bite her. Whatever you do, you lose people, Alpha says. Sophia, Lizzie, Myka, Henry, Ezekiel, and when you get back, Daryl could be next. Carol’s trying to get out, but Alpha says to look at the flowers. Carol finally finds the strength to come out of the pile, disrupting a hand, but killing the walker. She fell apart, she made it, and… The Alpha is disappearing.

On the way, Eugene, Yumiko and Ezekiel cross the skyline of the new city.

Later, Negan and Daryl will sit down together. Negan admits he likes to be among whisperers. When your people locked me up, I lost everything, he said. For seven years, I looked out that little window, man, it sucked. It got so bad that even in my memory rods were still being drawn. So when Alpha picked me up, it was good. I enjoyed it. It felt good to be important again, as I was respected. But she’s gone too far. We don’t kill people who don’t deserve it, and we never kill children.

Daryl still doesn’t like Negan. He’s leaving.


In Alexandria, Daryl opens the door like Carol.

Meanwhile Ezekiel, Yumiko and Eugene drive through the city. They met a couple of walkers tied to chairs, and… Others, who were inside, held on to the table as if they were eating. For all this there is an extravagant purple color and equipment. They find other walkers, like the one with a coloured hat and a policeman chained to the car. Ezekiel comes out laughing.

They come across a woman with a gun and a purple feather duster screaming: My God, hello!

Meanwhile, Beta goes to the bar to box for herself. He’s taking Alpha’s head out of the bag. Thanks, he says. I understand now.  Thank you very much. He kills the head with a knife. He comes out with a new mask that covers his face and forces the vagrants to follow him on his new mission.