These are the Beautiful (and Tragic) Winners of the 2019 Ocean Art Photo Contest


The Undersea Digital photography Overview has actually introduced the victors of their 8th yearly Sea Art Underwater Digital Photography Competitors: an option that runs the range in between lovely, eye standing out and also, when it comes to the Preservation classification victor, heartbreaking and also scary.

This year’s competition drew in “thousands” of entrances from 78 nations throughout the globe. Some $85,000 well worth of rewards were granted to the winning digital photographers, that sent pictures to one 16 groups, consisting of: Wide Angle, Macro, Super Macro, Undersea Art, Preservation, and also Reefscapes.

The total victor or “Best in Show” was provided to digital photographer Greg Laceur for his 1st Location access right into the Cold Water classification. The without a doubt appealing activity shot reveals a crab-eater seal relocating in between portions of ice in the freezing water of the Antarctic:

Subtitle: Throughout an exploration on a little sailing boat, we discovered the Antarctica Peninsula by diving listed below the surface area. Although the problems were severe with a temperature level of -1 ° C, we recorded remarkable aquatic animals in the house in a delicate environment, such as on this photo: crabeater seal. We additionally saw leopard seals, gentoo penguins, Antarctica hair seals, and also joined seals. All these aquatic pets are impacted by international warming with the melting of the ice.

Regardless of the name, Crabeater Seals do not consume Crabs. Krill make up to 95% of a Crabeater Seal’s diet plan. Crabeater seals have actually established a sieve-shaped tooth framework that filters krill, just like whale baleen. They gobble water including krill, shut their jaws, and also press the water in between their specialized teeth, capturing the krill inside.

Scroll to see the 1st Location victors of each of the continuing to be 15 groups, consisting of 2 brand-new groups that were included this year: “Blackwater” and also “Conservation.”

1st Location, Wide Angle– Nicholas Much More

Subtitle: This picture was absorbed November 2019 throughout the last early morning of a live-aboard journey to Raja Ampat, Indonesia. We were diving Saundereck Jetty when I stumbled upon this college of Yellow Bow Sweetlips at about 25 m, over a spot of difficult corals reefs.

What I discovered truly lovely regarding the scene was the cloud of Convict Blennies abounding around the coral reef. Bow Sweetlips (Plectorhinchus polytaenia) are nighttime seekers yet throughout the day they develop thick institutions on the coral reefs of Raja Ampat, safeguarding from the solid existing. Catching this timeless education practices went to the top of my photo hit-list.

To permit the sweetlips to be centre of focus, I made use of a sluggish shutter rate and also sped up panning to obscure the history. This impact additionally aids to enhance the unity of the college relocating en masse, parallel.

1st Location, Macro– Stefano Cerbai

Subtitle: This image was absorbed Puerto Galera, in the Philippines. Throughout a daytime dive I saw this seahorse, and also I made a decision to place the flash behind him with the “Snoot”, developing a backlight.

1st Location, Marine Life Habits– Paula Vianna

Subtitle: Pink whip rays capturing a flight on a small-eyed ray. The concept is that by doing this they look for security from killers, conserve power as well as additionally obtain leftovers from the large ray.

This uncommon actions was recorded on the SS Yongala shipwreck, on the Wonderful Obstacle Coral Reef off Ayr, in Queensland, Australia, and also has been signed up on the very same dive website for around a years, with various specific small-eyed rays … Could this be handing down via generations?

1st Location, Picture– Virginia Salzedo

Subtitle: Throughout an evening dive I satisfied this great seahorse. I was right away stunned by his punk hairdo.

1st Location, Nudibranch– Jenny Supply

Subtitle: The Mooloolah River is an abundant treasure of nudibranchs. Over 350 varieties have actually been discovered along the 600 m river financial institution. The actual difficulty is to obtain a picture that portrays the magnificent kind of these small animals. I fell for flabellina lotus specifically.

I went back to the river every weekend break for 4 months to attempt to accomplish a photo where the flabellina’s vibrant purple cerata stood out versus a jet black history.

1st Location, Supermacro– Paolo Isgro

Subtitle: There are 3 crucial elements that caused this image …

  1. I made use of a 24 mm lens and also a digital opposite ring adaptor + 40 mm expansion ring to obtain an excellent magnifying. 5 mm loads the lengthy side of the structure– this implies 4.5 X optical magnifying on my chopped Canon 7D sensing unit (225 mm).
  2. My buddy and also dive master Ajiex Dharma in Tulamben had the ability to discover these clown fish eggs and also aid me throughout the shoot holding the snoot in the best placement.
  3. A great deal of perseverance to by hand concentrate and also composing this shot

1st Location, Reefscapes– Eduardo Acevedo Fernandez

Subtitle: Pleasant lips are extremely usual in the Raja Ampat location. You can see them in prominent dive websites such as Kape Cree and also Sawandarek jetty. Yet this time around, I was fortunate.

I had the ability to discover a little team of this fish in superficial water, around 14 meters deep, with complete cover by glass fish. The problems were ideal, tidy water, not unfathomable, and also warm. It was an excellent possibility which I’ll constantly keep in mind with this amazing image.

1st Location, Blackwater– Fabien Michenet

Subtitle: The monitoring of adolescent deepsea fish is feasible throughout blackwater drift dives offshore as some varieties start their life in the epipelagic area (in between the surface area and also 200 m).

Searching for and also photographing these juveniles is definitely among one of the most interesting facets of these dives over the deep sea base.

This person is called a Snaketooth deepsea swallower (Champsodontidae -Kali macrodon). It lives its grown-up life positioned on the deep debris awaiting targets passing close by. With a large head and also extremely develloped pelvic and also pectoral fins, it has a really various morphology from the grownup.

As quickly as they are disrupted, these fish can often tend to allow themselves sink to the deep. Prior to taking the initial shot of this lovely adolescent, I made sure to minimized the strength of my emphasis lights and also effectively orient the flashes so as not to overexpose the glossy eyes and also effectively brighten the fins.

1st Location, Preservation– Shane Gross

Subtitle: My dive pal pertained to me in rips speaking about a bad turtle that was currently lengthy dead, twisted in angling line. She really did not have time to get rid of the line so she informed me where it was and also I returned. I really did not desire any type of scavengers to additionally come to be knotted.

I took my cam since pictures such as this can come to be cautions for the future. We do not desire any type of various other turtles, or any type of animals, to come to be destined the very same regrettable destiny: sank and also threw away many thanks to our carelessness.

1st Location, Undersea Art– Francisco Sedano

Subtitle: No summary offered.

1st Location, Amateur Wide Angle– George Kuo-Wei Kao

Subtitle: I was taking a picture of an adorable college of sweetlips at around 28 meters deep. I could not obtain a gratifying make-up till my overview appeared and also appeared like a guard of the college.

1st Location, Amateur Macro– Julie Casey

Subtitle: I have actually been taking video clips of child seahorses for regarding 3 years yet just lately transformed over to still digital photography. I got a used TG4 early in 2019 & I have actually invested nearly each day in the water with it considering that.

Catching 6 child seahorses all dealing with parallel while sharing an item of weed is an exceptionally difficult shot. These children will certainly usually draw in various instructions & deal with far from the cam. So I’m definitely thrilled to be able to share such a flash in time prior to this scene transformed substantially.

Under Blairgowrie Marina has actually come to be a prominent baby room for the birth of these child Brief Head Seahorses as well as additionally the Bigbelly Seahorses. I have actually viewed as lots of as 20 children sharing the very same weed. You just have a brief home window of possibility to catch this since their survival price is so reduced.

1st Location, Compact Wide Angle– Talia Greis

Subtitle: I had actually never ever seen or perhaps become aware of this wonderful king of camouflage before taking its shot, as it’s an unusual discovery that calls for an equivalent equilibrium of good luck and also perseverance.

The yellow crested weedfish can be discovered deep among the kelp yards of Shelly Coastline, and also is so comparable in look to its atmosphere, that discovering one calls for energetic examination. Its motions persuade like the algae it hides itself in, its shade nearly the same, making it the best master of camouflage.

The only method to catch this minute was to hang back, continue to be still, and also wait on the ideal minute it made a decision to surface area and also evaluate my existence.

1st Location, Compact Macro– Stan Chen

Subtitle: These Lemon Goby moms and dads generated their prompt a glass piece that captured my eyes. I made a decision to take shot to tape-record this since it offered exactly how fish can exist together with human waste.

The Lemon Goby moms and dads were extremely timid and also they maintained moving. So I held my breath thoroughly and also waited regarding 40 mins and also ultimately, the goby moms and dads congregated and also safeguarded their eggs. I right away took the shot and also recorded this distinct photo.

It was an extraordinary minute for me to see exactly how wonderful the goby moms and dads are to make use of human waste for their hatching eggs. And also life proceeds …

1st Location, Compact Habits– Ferenc Lorincz

Subtitle: I was taking this photo at a cleansing terminal. The fish allow me method as they were concentrated on cleaning up the fish. At your house coral reef this was observed on a number of dives. The cleansing terminal is an outstanding scene for the undersea digital photographer.

To see every one of the Leading 5 pictures from each classification, along with some incredible Respectable References, head over to the Undersea Digital photography Overview internet site. The competition confessed that the pictures sent this year were extraordinary, making evaluating “very difficult,” and also showing that “the winning images are some of the best in the world.”

Browsing the winning pictures, it’s difficult to differ keeping that declaration.

Photo credit scores: All pictures made use of thanks to Undersea Digital photography Guide/Ocean Art Picture Competition