WATCH: Trump is using baby steps to walk down the West Point Ramp



West Point’s asset.

The video shows President Donald Trump carefully walking down the driveway to West Point, apparently using children’s stairs. You can watch the video below. On Twitter, people indicated that Trump had problems with the balance and the way things were going. Trump defended his step on the driveway and said the platform was slippery and had no driveway.

Take a look at this:

Donald Trump goes down the slope at West Point

– 12. Assessment and resistance (@ReviewResist) June 2020.

President Trump twittered the controversy by writing The slope I took after my speech at West Point was very long and cool, had no railings and, most importantly, was very slippery. The last thing I wanted to do was fall in love with fake news for fun. The last ten meters I landed on flat ground. Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait!

In exchange, people had a day of joy. Shit, he wrote Palmer’s report. Where do you start? That ramp wasn’t cool. The safety of the vagrant did not allow the driveway to stay wet. And if Trump was worried that he didn’t look stupid in front of the camera, why would he consciously shake like a slow duck? Donald Trump is no good.

But another man wrote: It’s really sad what you have to endure when you’re constantly confronted with false news, they’re so unforgivable when it comes to trumps!

It’s a video, in case you missed it. The music of the band West Point gives it a certain cachet.

– Helen Kennedy (@HelenKennedy) 14. June 2020.

Here’s what you need to know:

Second video shown with two hands raising a glass of water.

West Point’s asset. He still can’t drink a glass of water with one hand. Somebody get him a sippy cup.

– LiA (@LibsInAmerica) 13. June 2020.

Some people thought West Point music had been added by now. President Donald Trump was at West Point to give his opening speech at West Point Graduation Night on Saturday the 13th. June, wait a minute.

The second video also went viral, in which Trump raises a glass of water with both hands. His hand vibrated in the video, so he used his other hand to balance the glass.

You can watch the video of Trump’s speech at West Point here.

107, who today are the youngest officers in the most extraordinary army that has ever been on the battlefield, I am here to greet America. Thank you for answering your people’s call, Trump said during his speech.

We end an era of endless wars, Trump also said. It has been replaced by a clear new focus on protecting America’s vital interests. It is not the responsibility of American troops to solve old conflicts in faraway countries, many of which have never even heard of. We’re not the police of the world. But our enemies must be on their guard: When our people are threatened, we never, ever withdraw from action. And when we fight, we only do it to win.

He went on to say: What makes America historically unique is the resistance of its institutions to the passions and prejudices of the time. In turbulent times, when the road is difficult, the most important thing is what is permanent, eternal, durable and imperishable. The New York Times noted that the establishment of Trump at West Point followed a rift with military leaders over the deployment of troops to combat racial unrest in American cities.

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