‘Wizards Players Hated Playing with Michael Jordan’ 'Magical players hate players with Michael Jordan --.jpg

There are some stories about Michael Jordan and his greatness. MJ is often seen leading the Chicago Bulls to the top of the NBA in two three-way races, praising his teammates every time he has won something, but there is another team in Jordan that has grown a lot in the last years of his career.

Despite being considered the greatest player of all time, Jordan is not always appreciated by his teammates as he was and still is. During his time at the Wizards of Washington, MJ was not a favorite player in the locker room. Chris Broussard explained in his podcast The Strange Couple how Jordan’s identity has influenced his relationship with his former teammates.

I know I was on the team, I was in the Wizards that year, like the last week or two of Jordan’s career. I wrote an article for the New York Times about his last game. The players are tired of him. I mean they really don’t like playing with the great Michael Jordan, who most of them, including [Jerry] Stackhouse, worshipped, said Broussard of TalkBasket.

As Broussard said, Jerry Stackhouse wasn’t very happy with what happened in Washington back then. He said in a recent interview that he never wanted to play with the Wizards and Jordan. Now we discover that these feelings can be part of the whole list, not just Stackhouse’s.

Rob Parker, co-host of the show, also described a situation that perfectly summed up the bad atmosphere in that dressing room.

It was a mess. If I remember correctly, didn’t they vote [Magic Players] not to give him [Michael Jordan] a birthday present? That’s how petty it got, Parker said.

It’s not the first time we’ve heard these stories about Jordan, but they’ve increased in number over the last few days. However, M.J. has proven that he is one of the greatest, if not the greatest player of all time. However, the things some of his former teammates say about him make you think a lot about the kind of teammate he was.

After his second return in the league at the beginning of the millennium, Jordan played two seasons with the Wizards and then retired for good. In this period he showed some good shots of his game, but it seems that the biggest thing he did with Wizard was piss off his teammates.