Youth accused Tabhligi Jaamat of spreading coronavirus, shot dead in Prayagraj.

К : Emergency information service | Lucknow

Published : 5. April 2020. 13:22:47

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The victim was standing in front of his home in Karelia when unknown attackers opened fire on him. (photo)

A 29-year-old boy was shot dead outside his home in Prajagradj after allegedly accusing members of the community and Tablighi Jamaat of spreading the coronavirus in the country, police said on Sunday. The victim was standing in front of his house in Kareli when unknown assailants opened fire on him, they said. Two people have been arrested in connection with a murder.

The Prime Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adithyanat, has instructed the authorities to charge the accused under a strict National Security Act (NSA). The prime minister also announced Rs.5 ex gratuity for the family of the deceased.

Amit Srivastawa, head of Prayagraj County, said residents accused the victim members of a certain community and Tablighi Jammat of spreading the coronavirus in the country while speaking to a small group of people. One of them left the group according to the residents and came back a few minutes later with the others. The victim was standing in front of his house when the attacker opened fire on him. The bullet hit him in the head and he died instantly, said Amit Srivastava.

He added that these two prisoners will be interrogated. The body was sent to the autopsy.

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